Friday, June 5, 2009

What is the holy spirit?

John 3:34:For the one whom God sent forth speaks the sayings of God, for he does not give the spirit by measure.

John 20:22 And after he said this he blew upon them and said to them: “Receive holy spirit. 23 If you forgive the sins of any persons, they stand forgiven to them; if you retain those of any persons, they stand retained.”

What these texts tell me is that Jehovah,Jesus's father,is the SOURCE of the holy spirit..He GIVES it to Jesus without measure and Jesus ,as mediator and due to authority afforded him from his superior,dispenses measures of it to his followers so that they TOO can accomplish what he or his father would,EVEN FORGIVE SIN!Significantly,the spirit was given by Jesus BREATHING upon them,.Think about it.Did he breathe a PERSON??Are people baptized in a PERSON and water and fire??

This video is simple enough...from youtube user ancienthebreworg..I have tried to reason with trinitarians that our spirit is our breath,what animates us and so God's HOLY spirit is a kazillion times more dynamic and unexplainable than even ours and so He can use it in ways we cannot fathom or understand but that it ISN'T a PERSON..I hope you'll sincerely watch this..very brief though it may be,it should REALLY help you embrace something true if you're willing...I don't like to define the holy spirit as anything but the holy spirit..I'm not sure "active force" does it is certainly not to be put into words..if our spirits animate us,make us breathe like electricity for a TV imagine GOD'S how dynamic and unfathomable!The main point I'm trying to make is that it is extraordinary because it is God's BUT THAT IT ISN'T A PERSON lol..MAYBE part of the problem is the common "Christian" belief that spirits are separate entities that survive our deaths.This is false.When our spirits return to God that means our lives are in his hands..He can return our breath(ruah,pneuma=spirit=breath) and animation at the resurrection.Not that we're alive when we are dead...We have to be raised before we are alive again after we die.That is WHY there is a resurrection.If we were already in our destinations why the need for one?!I've heard it all..EXAMINE ALL THINGS.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

James White's finest moments.

This video was uploaded by a youtube user named ivandefendingtruth..

Listen as White dances all over the place trying to imply Jesus didn't mean what he said when he said his father was the ONLY TRUE GOD.Obviously,White cannnot believe Jesus here or he wouldn't be a he tries to pull something from his bum.AS IF John 17:5 proves a trinity!lol..I guess he threw John 17:22 out the window in his exegesis of John 17:5 ..otherwise,the trinity would ONCE again be exposed as hot air,as John 17:22 tells us the KIND of glory he shared with his father?(which in my understanding was a DECREED glory to come)..the same kind the disciples will!!

And here watch James White give us all a lesson in eisegesis!Eisegesis 101 supremo.