Tuesday, June 2, 2009

James White's finest moments.

This video was uploaded by a youtube user named ivandefendingtruth..

Listen as White dances all over the place trying to imply Jesus didn't mean what he said when he said his father was the ONLY TRUE GOD.Obviously,White cannnot believe Jesus here or he wouldn't be a trinitarian..so he tries to pull something from his bum.AS IF John 17:5 proves a trinity!lol..I guess he threw John 17:22 out the window in his exegesis of John 17:5 ..otherwise,the trinity would ONCE again be exposed as hot air,as John 17:22 tells us the KIND of glory he shared with his father?(which in my understanding was a DECREED glory to come)..the same kind the disciples will!!

And here watch James White give us all a lesson in eisegesis!Eisegesis 101 supremo.

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  1. Lol isn't White a theologian? Why doesn't he act like one.