Thursday, October 22, 2009

Support our troops?

I found this blog that was written on January 4,2007 by Steve Scianni.I just wanted to share it.I agree on so many levels.

We see it on bumper stickers and we hear it constantly, 'Support the troops.' Now let me ask a question: what does this mean exactly? I wish someone who says this would actually finish the thought and tell me what it means and just how we are to do this. Does it mean we support every word they say and every action they take, whether good or bad? Does it mean that we leave them overseas and send reinforcements? Does it mean that we cannot criticize the President, his Administration and the War? Well whatever it may mean, it ought to never inspire the American people to swallow every word the President speaks, nor should it stop us from criticizing a war that has proven to be criminal, illegal and murderous.

It should never stop the American people from telling the President that we will not be lied to anymore...that we do not want our taxes to buy one more bomb, fly one more plane, ship one more troop, or kill one more Iraqi.

By supporting our troops I mean that the American people need to stand up and fight this corrupt administration and let them know that we do not condone the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's...that we do not like seeing our soldiers maimed and killed....that we are not interested in ruining lives and families...that we abhor the lies and propaganda of a false 'war on terror'...that we are not Imperialists and have no business invading a foreign country.

By 'supporting the troops' I mean very simply that the American people reject the war. I also mean that we tell the President and his cabinet we know what they are doing and that the gig is up....that we know about the scandalous corporate profiteering in Iraq...that we understand the horrors of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the negligence with which our returning troops are treated. We will tell them that we know Saddam Hussein was a puppet empowered and used by the United States and that by killing him was only destroying what we initially created...we know that Iraq has no connection to 9/11 and they have no WMDs...we also know that what they do have is what the U.S. has always wanted -- large oil reserves...we know about the secret wars and coups of the CIA and U.S. Government in the past (in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, etc. etc.)...we know that our Imperialistic, Bully-minded foreign policy does not 'fight' or 'eliminate' any threat, it only creates terrorists and hatred for America...we know, we know, we know!

And this is the saddest part, that a country built on such great principles and ideals, the "land of the free," is being ruined and villainized around the globe by militaristic officials and greedy corporate scoundrels. Think about it!? Why does the U.S. encounter such hostility around the planet? Very simple, because we are oppressive and brutal to the rest of the world. And then we wonder why they burn our flag and blow up our buildings?

What a sad testimony to the intellect of Americans when they get fooled by a line like, "They hate us for our freedom." This is perhaps the most absurd thing any U.S. President has ever said. In answer to the question, why are there terrorists and why do they hate us, this is the most childish and devious response anyone can voice, and here is the tragedy, (1) it came from the 'leader' of our country and (2) the American people believe it! Listen, NOBODY hates anybody for having freedom...people hate because they are DENIED their freedoms and that is what the U.S. has done time after time, and they continue to do so now. We deny them their liberties, we deny them their land, their resources, their governments, their livelihoods, their houses and their lives -- THAT Mr. President is why they hate us and everyone seems to know it but the Americans.......shame.

Support the troops by bringing them home and ending the the troops by impeaching the the troops by demanding that our military ONLY be used to defend our our troops by educating them into Intelligent Individuals, not Robotic Slaves who kill on the troops by supporting this Lieutenant who refuses to go to Iraq
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Steve Scianni

Here's a video I thought I'd share as well.

Yes,war is traumatic.No,the UN can not end it.I saw a picture where a girl was holding a sign "Bombing for peace is like having sex for virginity."(only she used a bad word)

Only Yehovah can end killing and war and injustice and trauma etc..God will destroy everything nefarious and evil.He will not preserve it in flames forever,but instead make sure it doesn't exist anymore.He said there would be no more sin,excluding the possibility that sinners will be alive.And without sin He won't have wrath.Wrath is not what magnifies his holiness,except to eliminate all things that kindle it.."Making all things new" will magnify his holiness.

I can't imagine supporting and participating in a war where we murder our SUPPOSED enemies(even though propaganda is sometimes what makes us believe they are) when Jesus said to pray for our enemies and those persecuting us and that those who kill by the sword will die by the sword.We're supposed to follow Jesus's footsteps closely and I did not see him killing those threatening him.If the governments are controlled by Satan(revelation says the dragon gave the beast its power) then why support the beast led by the dragon?Isn't that ultimately supporting the dragon(Satan)?I'm not sure how anyone cannot see that Revelation and prophetic scriptures are being fulfilled before our very eyes.But then again,since Satan permeates the air and the world. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the prominence of mass deception everywhere,from false teachings within Christianity to the increasing denial of God's existence to governmental injustices and ceaseless war.


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Romans 9..Calvinist's mother's milk.

This man believes in the trinity and orthodox hellfire misintepretation but I still respect this competent exegesis of Romans 9.There are other possibilities I have heard before that are sensible as well..anything that lines up with the entirety of the scriptures and God's definition of and revelation of his own personality is obviously superior to the Calvinist one.I recommend cutting and pasting the url and watching it on youtube as it will be bigger there.It's one of those big vids that consumes your screen ;)..One thumb up for exposing and refuting Calvinism.One thumb down for not being able to exegete hellfire passages the same way you do Romans 9.(in their OT context,for heaven's sake)(to the guy in this vid)

addendum:Btw,I have 2 new Romans 9 exegesis blogs from January 2010.Read parts 1 and 2 for my take on it.

As I watched this,I was reminded how small and narrow minded the Calvinist interpretation of Romans 9 actually is.It is very similar to hellfire adherents inability to interpret texts in their OT context that CLEARLY explains what it all means.Obviously,this will not be good enough for most Calvinists assuming they "make sure of all things" before adopting their erroneoous theology.For those Calvinists who say that the texts should just be read straight through and believed by what they say on the surface and the entire bible interpreted in light of that, I can only wonder why in the world you think one chapter in the bible that is explained in context like this guy competently does here should make the entire bible's constant revelations of God's impartiality and awe inspiring awesome personality moot.Of COURSE he has wrath but it is only temporary and against willful unrepentant sinners detrimentally abusing their free will,always.As a Calvinist,you are no longer able to interpret the bible straightforwardly like you brag about doing in Romans 9!Every text you behold becomes "well,in light of Romans 9" instead of just simple truth.I will provide a few very sarcastic examples for those who can stomach sarcasm now and then to get a point across.If not,skip ahead and save yourself the trouble of taking offense ;)

Deut 30:19:I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live..Oh wait!I have already chosen for you so just go about your business and assume you're saved..if you aren't,sorry 'bout that!My fault!All these declarations I make that you have a choice are a SHOW,a facade.Not sure why I keep telling you to repent and that you have the choice but no..I will repent FOR you and make the choice on your behalf.Sit back and let me do all the work while you just skip about hoping you're like Jacob and not Esau!

Proverbs 1:29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD because I didn't let them because I am sadistically partial EVEN though I SAID I epitomize love and am impartial .I just want to see some folks burn(forever!) because it magnifies my holiness according to some men who didn't really get this notion from the book I wrote for them.But ,then,don't say I didn't warn you about false teachers now!My holiness is in fact magnified by ELIMINATING evil and "making all things new",not by preserving the worst kind imaginable into all of eternity.But don't let me telling you the wicked will be consumed and become ashes make you think they won't be alive forever in flames!Instead,let traditon,symbolism and manmade philosophy become your reality over my clear testimony!

Jeremiah 32:35:they built the high places of Baal that are in the valley of Ben-hinnom to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I had not commanded them nor had it entered My mind that they should do this abomination..Erase that!Not only did it enter my mind,but I decreed it and am so pleased to see my holiness magnified in this absurd display of sadism and horror.It makes the good I will decree shine that much brighter!Praise my haphazard sadism and be glad that I was partial enough to choose you for NO reason whatsoever and burn innocent children for my good pleasure even though it disgusts me..Makes sense,huh?Did I mention I am haphazard and partial?

James 4:8 Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.Hold up!Let me rearrange."God will MAKE you draw close to him and purify your hearts.You cannot do it of your own initiative"

Eve SAID she was deceived by the serpent when in all actuality,she was deceived by me and then sinned because I made her.Poor Eve.She's just a pawn in my game and though all evidence points to the fact that she had the choice to partake of the fruit or not,ignore that evidence!Obviously,she didn't.And then she didn't become ashes at all..she's still burning where worms never die..worms said to be on corpses in Is 66:24 but don't believe that!They're on souls burning alive!

Texts like these(minus the sarcasm of the Calvinist God's rearrangement) are endless and should not be interpreted in light of men's flawed exegesis of a few texts that have superior interpretations like the ones presented in the vid above.Calvinism truly concerns me because the God of Calvinism is NOT the God of true Christianity.

Acts 10:34 For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial, 35 but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him. (It doesn't say God is partial and in every nation the man that he makes fear him will be acceptable..does it?)The Calvinist rearrangement of texts rivals the trinitarian!I'm not sure who would win in the "make it fit" competition!

God DESIRES all men to attain to repentance.That is honestly what he desires.As a Calvinist,your arrogant perception is an atrocious attack on God's true desires.Let Him be as merciful, loving, impartial, and just as he wants to be.Stop misrepresenting him and extending the wrath he has against sin into all of eternity where the kingdom is supposed to reign with NO sin or death,as opposed to sinners being preserved in an "eternal dying process".A kingdom where whoever CHOSE life and used their free will according to God's purposes will live forever in benevolent conditions without arrogantly perceiving they got there because God played duck duck goose and decided to burn others who weren't as fortunate in the game for all of eternity.If that makes you feel good,see a therapist.If you can live peacefully and blissfully in your arrogance with people you loved burning alive forever,see a therapist.

Btw,this is a plea to accept truth and an attack on giant misrepresentations of God and not on Calvinist individuals who have been misled.