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Answering a trinitarian's comment..

Answering a comment on my last blog:

SonOfAJewishCarpenter said...
you said:
" “…if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” —Rom. 10:9

I already covered how Jesus had to be MADE LORD and I confess that readily and without hesitation.I also confess that God raised him from death and that he is alive to plead for me now at God's right hand.Yet to Christians I'm not a christian at all.Interesting."

What is interesting about this comment is that you seem more interested in confessing that Jesus was MADE LORD more than you are in confessing him as YOUR LORD. Regardless of your oppinion of Him, He IS soverign over you and ALL of creation.

Jesus is the only One who can save people.
His name is the only power in the world
that has been given to save people.
We must be saved through him.
Acts 4:12

Jesus saith unto him,
I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me;
John 14:6

I, even I, am the LORD;
and beside me there is no saviour.
Isa 43:11


Thanks for your comment.The following is said assuming you're trinitarian..

Yes,Jesus had to be made Lord.And yes,he is my Lord.And no he couldn't have saved if he hadn't been sent forth to do so by his father.God so loved the world that he gave his special Son to die for us.I sincerely hope you understand the sacrifice Jesus's father made at least as much as the one his Son did.And that Jesus worships his father as the Only True God so there is no reason anyone else shouldn't.Jesus said "We worship what WE know.."..including himself as One who worships his father in spirit and truth.Does his father worship him?If not,there is no coequality.An Almighty God in no way logically would be worshipping someone else called Almighty God within his own "being"..That is unreasonable in the highest degree and not supported in scripture or explicitly stated anywhere.Also,that would equal two Almighties already regardless of what ANYONE says to make it "go away".Even if they share the SAME "substance" within the 1 "godhead" as separate individuals it would STILL equal 2 Almighty Gods.

I don't disagree with any scripture you provide.Jesus is absolutely the way,the truth,the life.His father used him to save us,making him mediator and king and Lord.Why shouldn't he?He's a proud father with an obedient faithful and inimitable Son he "approves",who is "beloved".The best proof Jesus was created ?He is called "God's Son."

John 10:34 Jesus answered them: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said: “you are gods”’? 35 If he called ‘gods’ those against whom the word of God came, and yet the Scripture cannot be nullified, 36 do you say to me whom the Father sanctified and dispatched into the world, ‘You blaspheme,’ because I said, I am God’s Son?

"God's Son" would be HIGHLY illogical language to use for someone who IS "TRUE God".You won't find the bible itself stating that Jesus shares God's "essence" or "nature" as one of three persons in God's "being" so no one should formulate a doctrine to accomodate philosophies that support this.

I am not demoting Christ..I am recognizing his God-given position as the Second Most High over all the Universe,never said to exist within the same "being" as the "Most High" so there is no reason for me to put him there.

Recognizing that Jesus had to be "Made Lord" aids in understanding WHY he IS Lord.Take heed!Even the name that is the only one that can save us under heaven was GIVEN him.Keep in mind the father's "equal" should NEVER have to be given anything at all,from a name,to a power,to a kingdom,to a revelation. God made him heir and loved him.

As For Jesus being Sovereign and Almighty,even if I surrendered that point it would only be possible because HIS God made him so which could only mean he would STILL not be the SAME TRUE GOD his father is OR equal as his authority is that which had to be gifted from a superior.God has no superiors,certainly not within his own "being"! God works through Christ's agency by means of the holy spirit so powerfully that Jesus can do what his father does if his father grants it.(acts 2:22,John 3:34)If it's not granted to Jesus or GIVEN him from his own God,Jesus wouldn't have anything at all,excluding the possibility that he is the true God.He lives BECAUSE of his father no?(John 5:26)And forever now because the One he said was greater and the only One good(without any qualification that only his "flesh" was speaking and not his ENTIRE person as the Christ of inference needed) raised him from a genuine death.

Acts 2:32 This Jesus God resurrected, of which fact we are all witnesses. 36 Therefore let all the house of Israel know for a certainty that God made him both Lord and Christ'

So again,WHY is Jesus Lord,WHY is he savior, and WHY is he alive at all?

As for absolute statements in scripture,they are sometimes qualified in other texts ..For instance,Jehovah is the ONLY savior BUT

1 samuel 23:5:David was the saviour of the people of Keilah.(bible in basic English)

Judges 3:9:Then the people of Israel cried out to the LORD for help. The LORD sent a savior to rescue them. It was Othniel, son of Caleb's younger brother Kenaz.15The LORD sent a savior to rescue them. It was Ehud, a left-handed man from the tribe of Benjamin.(God's world translation)

Jude 25 to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus the Messiah(explains how they are both savior)

Sorry..I'm on some caffeine and got "long winded" ;)

Thanks for reading my blog!

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