Friday, April 9, 2010

Is the New World translation always honest?

This video is similar to my "Watchtower or Holy scripture?" video(which I reposted below it) but focuses a little more on why the New World Translation of the Holy scriptures interprets certain passages the way they do.I wonder:Do they do it to intentionally mislead because if the texts are read the way they're supposed to be,JW's will know they must be in Christ for salvation without qualification?

"Watchtower or Holy Scripture?" video..

When Jehovah's Witnesses say they're in the truth,they're talking about a wordwide organization/corporation.When Christians say they're in the truth,they're talking about Jesus Christ.Who is correct?By no means am I defending the doctrines of orthodox Christianity,some of which I vehemently disagree with!But they do realize that Jesus is their mediator and the way,the truth,the life,as opposed to a corporation or building or society.

I'm sure I could've made a better presentation of this,but I wanted to get it out there..I now have come to realize that The watchtower society misinterprets many scriptures just like Christendom does.And their misinterpretations in my opinion may be just as dangerous.This just briefly presents a couple points that I think are pertinent for all Jehovah's Witnesses to contemplate sincerely ..without the lens of WT publications doing their work on your mind,making you interpret texts through THEIR filter.Keep in mind that Orthodox Christianity has been bombarded with their traditional views about hell and the may be all they've ever known.And the best apologists can make both concepts seem plausible by isolating texts and misusing them.By not being able to admit that in ancient Judaism it was perfectly fine to call Jesus God without him being the Most High one.By ignoring the context in the Isaiah passages they use.By threatening Christians with labels and possibly even shunning if they don't believe the same.etc.The WT society is at fault for the same misuse of texts and abuse of ones that don't agree.Anyway,if you have any questions,feel free to e-mail me at

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