Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jehovah's Witnesses' similarities to the Moonies

Jehovah's witnesses sound a lot like the Moonies.I think JW's and former JW's will recognize these cult realities within the WT organization immediately.

Every bit of this is taken from a webpage I accidentally came across.I wrote or gathered none of it myself but wanted to share it.

All from:


Read the whole page for more context and even the WT's definition of a cult.Basically,it depends on your definition of one if you would classify them as one.I personally think they are because of the intense authority and control that one must allow oneself to be under in order to remain acceptable and properly loved.Also because of the forbidding of independent thinking and the threats if you do.The intense fear of questioning them even when they're wrong..the list goes on,as evident in this video where I think most if not all these cult tactics are applicable to the WT society in some respect.

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