Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear atheist

This is from youtube user NephilimFree..after it is an email I sent to a former Christian.

This was written a while ago in an email(modified just a tad)response to someone who said some pretty horrible things about God because of all the suffering in the world.To someone who used to be a Christian but abandoned God,sadly.:

I don't think God is playing games in Job at all..he is allowing Satan to do his dirty work but God wants to prove to mankind that he is NOT the one causing these atrocities and we should serve him knowing he has the power to bless,resurrect,and magnify his benevolent sovereignty IN THE END(regardless of how we suffer now,always being aware he isn't responsible but allows it for a PURPOSE even though it is hard to accept sometimes)..How would we know what rebellion against his will for us would cause ultimately unless we see it?We have to learn and are now in fact learning that man leading man leads to chaos and ruin and suffering.(Ecclesiastes 8:9)Otherwise we might always wonder and have the desire to rebel to "see what happens."He gave us his word so we would understand that this life isn't even the "real life" to begin with(1 Tim. 6:19),that we would see many dreadful and pathetic things,that it is certainly temporary,that there will be a resurrection and that ultimately in the end there would be no more of anything like we see now.It will all be made new and perfect and eternally good.(Rev. 21:1-6)He also let us know that ,like you,he DETESTS the wickedness and suffering of mankind.Why does he hate homosexuality and fornication and drunkenness and lies etc?..because he is the creator of all things and knows those things are either unnatural or harmful.(Is. 48:17,18)He is the potter ..we are the clay.(Is. 64:8)He has the right to govern us and we have the free will to either accept or reject his authority..I think the tribulation of this life is NOTHING in comparison to what is ahead(Rom. 8:18-21) and he lets us know this to keep us hopeful for that kingdom.(Matt. 6:31-33)He allows this for a purpose...NEVER getting any pleasure from it at all..It makes him sick too..that's why he will "destroy those destroying the earth" (Rev. 11:18)and "make all things new".His holiness and standards require action when the world becomes as wicked as it repeatedly did in the OT and now(yes..intervention is soon)..

We have VASTLY different opinions about the God of the OT..who could be seen in Jesus Christ himself.(and no I don't think he is Jesus Christ himself,obviously)..I cannot make you love God nor can you make me not believe in him etc..I like that your heart is so big but hate that you don't give God credit for that and so proceed to look ahead to his blessings etc...He likes that you hate the injustice in the world but hates that you don't understand that he does too and so will soon bless those who hate the world and make one new for them :).(1 John 2:15-17,John 18:36,Dan. 2:44,Rev.11:15).I wish you could recognize your need for him again and that in a fear inspiring way how wonderfully made you are!(Ps. 139:14)There is no excuse to reject him as he is clearly seen in that which we can observe all around us.(Rom. 1:20)Even though the creation has fallen,the beauty,complexity,and precision in it(the cells,the universe etc. oh my!) is beyond remarkable.To say that it's all by chance from nothing,or some unintelligent "something" is absurd and illogical in the highest order.Hopefully you will soon come to know your father again.I hope that innate profound need is still present.He will accept you with open arms any time you recognize and love him back.He always begged his wayward sons to return to him.All he wants is love and obedience and recognizance of his presence and glory and the right to show you the way in Christ.After all,he knows what's best and will bless those who know he does!It is his justice and holiness that requires an elimination of all evil.The kingdom could not flourish nor even be at all full of rebels who hate their creator and of wickedness,of course.He is patient and kind.God bless.

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