Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Christians against the Watchtower

I agree with you.The WT is a tragic false Pharisaic system that hopefully God will bring down even as he wakes up the humble people inside it and brings them to him in Christ.That's my hope,anyway.There are some great humble people in there who love God with everything they have.But my question to Christians is:are you as willing to question your traditions and your books of men and your creeds of men and your bloodguilty history as readily as you demand the Jehovah's Witnesses do theirs?Did you gather your belief system from the bible and the spirit alone or from what you've always been told,your preachers,your tradition,and the books you buy to sell you your doctrines?Calvinists,did you become a Calvinist before you read books with sophistry which gave you a new lens by which you began reading an elaborate theology system INTO the simple and clear words of scripture?

I'm being sincere when I say that even as a child I knew God's son could not be God because he was his son.That may sound simplistic to you and frankly I don't care.Jesus pretty simply told the truth that I was able to gather even then!There's no proof anywhere that Jesus is the same God he worships in the bible except through an elaborate system of man concocted inference similar to that which the WT uses to establish some of their doctrines like a separation of Christians.I harp on the trinity so much because it leads to more deceptions and violates the first commandment.We must all confess Jesus came as a human being as opposed to God with the body and nature of a man but not the person of one.Any other confession frankly scares me since this is the one scripture says must be made.

Since I came out of the WT,I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the hypocrisy within it as well as within Christendom.They both only hypocritically recognize the OTHER'S hypocrisy.It really is discouraging to discern so much deception.It breaks my heart.I spy Christians labelling and shunning and, in the past especially,torturing and killing one another for having a different interpretation of an ancient text.It is these Christians who condemn and label the Watchtower for labelling and shunning and having bloodguilt.In other words,the hypocrisy is palpable,severe.I have been called everything from "Watchtower mind controlled puppet" for recognizing Easter is a pagan goddess to "a poor waif whose home is hell" for believing a man can die according to God's definition of the word.I'm called a "heretic" much more frequently by proud blind Christians than I am "apostate" by proud blind Jehovah's Witnesses.I'm not a born again Christian according to Christians because I don't believe in a creedal triune substance just like I'm not an approved association to Jehovah's Witnesses for not believing the governing body are the faithful and discreet slave whom I must obey.The difference is minute.Christians,you aren't fooling people like me.You may be able to bring other ex Jehovah's Witnesses to your blind belief system after they just escaped another one,but God has prepared me to recognize your deceit even as he led me to recognize the WT's.As someone who has been willing to sacrifice everything I've believed and held onto as my reason for living for over 15 years,I can readily acknowledge that at any time I could be deceived.What I am willing to do is change when I think I am and embrace what I believe to be true no matter what,at any cost!It is more rare than not to find this same willingness to humble ourselves for the sake of Christ.To say "I could be,I may be wrong" instead of "I'm right and that's that,you wicked heretic!"You can show deceived Christians 100 bible creeds about Jesus and God and they still believe one man made up that makes moot of the biblical ones.If that's not deception,then I have no idea what is.

Basically,my purpose for this blog is to ask the orthodox Christians if they understand that their history is more replete with bloodguilt than the WT's?If they know that their creeds and doctrines are as wildly falsely concocted as some of the WT's?If they know that their labelling and shunning and condemning of those who think differently is as treacherous as the WT's?If they understand that their blind traditions and pulpit propaganda and ability to be deceived is every bit as scary as the WT's?If they are as willing to humble themselves and truth seek and leave bloodguilty creeds behind as they demand the Jehovah's Witnesses do?

Keep in mind that when you call people like me HERETICS and WOLVES even though I believe Jesus is the Christ,the Son of the Living God that now images of torture and murder of the worst kind imaginable springs to mind.If that's the kind of witness you want to give,by all means continue.I'm simply encouraging you to be thoughtful and reasonable.And to consider for a moment that perhaps Jesus may not think of me the same way you do.What would that mean for you?And I ask myself the same questions.That's why you don't find me calling individuals heretics and wolves and the like,even though admittedly on occasion I have called doctrines like eternal conscious torment that are frightfully blasphemous "heresies."I have heard testimonies of people like me being booted from Christian message boards for explaining how Jesus died for mankind,instead of just a flesh capsule,a body,with no Jesus in it.This is probably what a pro-JW message board would do to those who dare question their belief system.No difference.Sad,huh?So all of you can tread about pretending there's no hypocrisy in your born again bones as you herald that of others,but you're not fooling some people.As long as you hold with clenched fists and stubborn hearts onto severely bloodguilty creeds and also certain doctrines that blaspheme the very character of God,he can't open your eyes any more than he could a Jehovah's Witnesess's who holds with clenched fists and stubborn hearts onto the belief system they've been handed from others.And because I know there are some humble people in Christendom who love God with everything they have,I have faith he will bring down the churches of men that spread lies like gangrene and save all humble people inside them in Christ.Soon.I have faith He can make that happen.For if you love God,he can work with that.But not if you're Pharisaic in being a little too clingy to your arbitrary condemnations,demands,and dogmas,and perfectly accepting of the bloodguilt your beliefs harbor,demonstrating the spirit behind them.Don't close your eyes.Don't tighten your fists.Don't harden your heart.Don't be a hypocrite.At the very least,next time you witness JW propaganda,unwarranted dogmatisms,evidence of bloodguilt,and blind hypocrisy,remember that your system of worship is super similar.That your condemnation,labelling,shunning,hypocrisy,and bloodguilt is just as off putting and potentially stumbling.

I know someone could easily use the reasoning point that Christianity has produced some terrible fruits but that we can't judge Christianity by that!What I can do though is reason that the KIND or BRAND of Christianity that produced those fruits is rotten and not my Lord's kind and brand.

Oh yes,I've noticed the Christians who condemn Jehovah's Witnesses for being unwilling to question the men they follow are also often unwilling to question the men they follow.Once deception has kicked in it's almost like it's an unstoppable train.Do you know how EASY it is to believe the lies of men who can manipulate words and ideas that are impossible and make them sound plausible? The Watchtower organization does not have the monopoly on corrupt false teachers,deceptive rhetoric and bloodguilt.God never singled out a specific little false prophet organization as being susceptible to deception alone on an island.Do you know how difficult it is to actually understand when you're a slave to tradition that contradicts truth and deceived?If not,ask someone raised a Jehovah's Witness or Muslim who are still a part of it if they have the truth.Don't think it's possible for them to be blinded but not for you.After all,why would you?

Have you ever had a crisis of conscience about your belief?Have you ever recognized that deception is rampant,tenable,and genuinely fierce and hence gotten on your knees and asked God to send measures of his spirit to guide you into all truth about who he really is and who his son really is?Does the thought of questioning your traditions scare you?How about the thought of being labelled a heretic or a cultist or being shunned or treated horrifically by those you love most just because you don't think like they do?Have you ever thought to yourself that your doctrine is replete with sophistry and inference and a lack of any unambiguous declaration of itself in all of scripture?Of how theologians and preachers shamelessly use corrupted or ambiguous texts to support it?Or of how a thought is gathered here and a thought gathered there to shabbily and dishonestly conconct a doctrine explicitly refuted by the Lord and his God?About how men readily think texts applied to Yahweh then to Jesus who was given all power by Yahweh don't have to prove a trinity even when tell you they do?Have you been willing and able to think to yourself that this is the case for many texts applied to many people then applied to Jesus in different separate applications?Are you ready to think for yourself?Are you scared?Does your conscience ever prod you and demand an answer?!Have you thought of the massive history of disgusting bloodguilt associated with your doctrine?You shall know them by their fruits!Somehow Christians make an exception with the fruits of the trinity doctrine though.How dare anyone question the empty statements of well known highly educated book writing scholarly Christians,right?They can make anything in the world they want to sound plausible whether it is or not.And gain supporters.The blind leading the blind..What will your identity become if you lose your status as an orthodox believer and heed your conscience?You aren't fooling me.You've had doubts.You've dismissed them.I'm not saying this to those who've no question the trinity is viable and true blue,who just can't see why it should be questioned on a biblical basis.But to those who have had crises of conscience over it's philosophical concoctions and sophistry.To those who recognize the vacuousness of supposed proofs and heed the leading of the spirit and the calling of Yahweh and Jesus's own creeds.To those who care more about truth than tradition.Jesus than family.Yahweh than creeds.The bible than councils.The scriptures than theologians.The apostles than preachers.Hebrew monotheism than Hellenistic infiltration of it.To those who aren't scared.To those brave like Jesus who would expose the truth in the face of lies as was his duty to do ,heeding his conscience and his God's own spirit that anointed him.You can't fool me.I ignored my conscience qualms for a long time too.I searched for support for the Watchtower lies I'd known because they were comfortable.But God didn't give up on me,and eventually honesty won.Jesus won.His words won.Yahweh wins every time to those who love him above ALL else.Above dogmas.Above popularity and majority opinion and peer approval.Above man's so called wisdom.

This blog was obviously not for those who think their belief system is perfect,secure,and not to be questioned.Not for those who live to expose others' injustices and lies while they excuse their own.Not for those who don't humbly understand the way deception operates.Not for those who have never had a single conscientious issue with their theology system to be sure.So if you're comfortable and think you're immune to being wrong while the WT and other cults like it are the only problem please do not waste your time watching this video.I am not suggesting here that there aren't aspects to the WT that are more controlling than orthodoxy in terms of policies and absolute demands of adherence to every belief,essential or not.But hopefully you will at least be open minded in what I have to say here.God bless.

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