Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Responding to ex-Jehovah's Witness trinitarian Bibl3thumper's youtube video

I made a youtube video in response to ex-Jehovah's Witness youtube user Bibl3thumper's video where he asserts that the trinity,or rather the "deity of Christ", should be at the center of discussion with Jehovah's Witnesses.He didn't approve my video response,even going so far as to erase a comment on his video where I said I'd made a video response.I have seen Bibl3thumper engage others with whom he disagrees respectfully before,while NOT censoring them,so I didn't suspect that he'd resort to that.I would only understand resorting to that if someone had been hateful or disrespectful to you in some major way.Anyway,first is his video,then my two responses.Feel free to write me at with any respectful concerns or questions.

Please,everyone,test all things and make sure of what is good,for many will come to you in sheep's clothing making claims that seem sound on the surface.That with just a little biblical reasoning are easily refuted and proven both shallow and inconsistent.Much like the Watchtower,"orthodoxy" has it's fair share of such claims.Ex Jehovah's Witnesses are extremely susceptible to deception(again) because they want to fit in somewhere again and are used to having it all laid out for them by men,reading certain ideas INTO the bible instead of gleaning the truth from scripture.They're used to reading what they've been handed by men INTO scripture,and that practice can absolutely be repeated after leaving the Watchtower with another false system of worship and ideas.

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  1. Good response... Sad he won't interact with you.