Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poem for Yahweh

Yahweh you're my light when the darkness overwhelms
My life is in shambles when I don't let you take the helm
The joy and peace you provide I'll liken to the rain
After a drought where your lost sheep was drifting in pain
Washed now in the blood of your perfect holy Lamb
I can be a vessel cleansed and used in service to the great "I AM"

The obstacles and stumbling blocks your spirit can demolish
If we cry out to you at every turn,allowing you to polish
clean our tainted souls,rendering their sin white as snow
With the blood of Your own Son
His body a Christian's home.

Propitiatory sacrifice that bought our very lives
For your kingdom to come,your Son's thankful bride
The Wedding feast imminent,all things made anew
No more evil,pain,or worry..the holy perfect you
will not tolerate such things in your perfect righteous kingdom
I'm sorry "Christian" men have misrepresented your intentions

You are love and light and peace and bliss
No more mourning nor tears nor outcries,nothing amiss
You're a consuming fire against the wicked and unjust
They shall perish so your kingdom can flourish for us
The ones you save through the agency of
Yeshua the way,the truth,the life,your beloved

What is your name and the name of your Son?
Yahweh & Yeshua..through whom you reveal your love
He is your Amen..your approved,beloved firstborn
Your exalted servant through whom we can be reborn
Praise you and praise him,praise you both with all I have
Take my heart.Take my soul.My life is in your hands.

My heart is the sacrifice I will make daily for you
Earnestly in prayer it will break in two
For everything I've ever done against your love and truth
Your Son and you

Your name is my song..your ways are my breath
I will fight for your kingdom to my very death
I will inhale and hail you ,your spirit my inspiration
Against all who stand against you in their straw stations

The wicked one's missiles are only strong
When one doesn't have your name as her song.
All you stand for is all that matters
Anything else ultimately shatters
Bring in your sheep,lost and scattered
They know not what they do without you.
Heal them Oh Yah almighty with your food
Your bread,your water,your Son,your truth
If you detect in them a sincere spiritual heart
Make them new for your will without which they're lost
Demolish everything in opposition to you
For humble seekers,let your light shine through

Save lives,forgive,heal,comfort,and in your arms may you hold
Every stray sheep may you bring into your fold
Prodigal children aching for fulfillment
Like I was before you tore down my concealment
I will not hide anymore
I will abide in your Son evermore

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