Thursday, December 13, 2012

From the Mouths of Pagans! (X-mas has nothing to do with Christ)

Though the pagans adapted some of what came from the true God and real history to their own culture and twisted it, Christians have also adopted some things from the pagan culture and slapped a holy name on it, sadly enough. Discernment is necessary and advised. To the unbelievers out there, learn the difference! To the Christians out there, X-mas has zero to do with Christ. Dragging his name into it is an option, but it doesn't mean it's right or that it makes sense in the least. I am not judging anyone's stance with God nor their eternal salvation for celebrating holidays. I am simply telling the truth about them. Take it or leave it.

Did the pagans borrow these customs from the bible? Or did Christians borrow these customs from the pagans? Seriously.


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