Friday, September 11, 2009


Time to wake up to the way the animals you eat and wear are treated and killed.How barbaric humans can be!Truly frightening.Animals are SENTIENT remarkable creatures who we are supposed to care for with the highest regard.I'm sure some would rather stay ignorant than face the truth.As I watched this,I thought about not only how the animals and myself felt,but how Jehovah himself would feel.Jehovah's heart is bigger than ours so there is no reason he would find this acceptable or accept that we would rather remain ignorant to this kind of disregard for life and abuse of animals who ,yes,have feelings.What about how the animals are handled and treated in the process of making them our food and clothing and in experimentation etc?UNACCEPTABLE.I urge you to watch this entire documentary,narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.It is NOT an easy watch,but an important one.

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