Friday, February 26, 2010

Did Jehovah choose the Watchtower organization to be His sole channel in 1919?

The following was inspired by the excellent book "In Search of Christian Freedom" written by former governing body member Ray Franz.Ok.I haven't read the book in its entirety,but so far it's superb.He inspires me to want to share his thoughts with JW's even before I finish his books.I really think Yah has used this man to reach them!(and also me who WAS one of them)All book quotes are from him.

JW's claim that in the year 1919 God inspected the earth and chose them to be his sole channel because of the kind and quality of food they were dispensing.Needless to say,there were many false dates being set and propagated as well as teachings that have since necessitated new light to shine upon their folly.So I guess I'll ask the JW's,if God was so willing to designate such a flawed and error prone people as his prophet and sole channel/organization,why not just anyone?Love covers a multitude of sin.Perhaps God could've found those fellowships freely giving to the poor irregardless of religious affiliation and caused light to shine on them grandly.But,no.God supposedly chose those falsely prophesying in his name and misusing the bible who he knew would be taking the place of his Son in the lives of thousands,soon to be millions,as their way,truth and life.Right?Men who decided you can't be saved without THEM even though this is a blasphemous concept that contradicts the bible explicitly.What would Jesus have said to Paul if Paul said to Christ's sheep"You can't be saved without me nor understand anything without me?"

1 Corinthians 3:4:For when one says, "I follow Paul," and another, "I follow Apollos," are you not mere men?

Yes,my friends,following Christ without a rich corporation and superimposed extra mediators is sufficent.

The publication "The Finished Mystery" is heralded by the WT society as some milestone event and touted as the kind of spiritual food that the Master found worthy to make the writer thereof and the organization that writer created his sole channel and prophet.Yet,amazingly enough,as Ray says in his book ,to reprint even a small portion of it today would prove painfully embarrassing due to its nonsensical material.Also amazingly,this publication led to a trial in Federal court and subsequent imprisonment of Rutherford and other Society officials,which now the WT presents as an event of great prophetic importance.In other words,the WT organization today,despite being too ashamed to even publish The Finished Mystery because they know it's full of nonsense,insists that men went to prison for it to fulfill something in scripture,as if going to prison for a pack of lies and nonsense is a genuine fulfillment of holy prophecy.As if Jesus chose men to be his prophets because they wrote a book that would soon become too antiquated and nonsensical to even be read.So the quality of food Jesus required in order to identify who he would select as his channel was rotten and tainted,if the WT assertion that he really chose them is correct of course.

Also in occurrence at the time inspections occurred and the WT was chosen?The public lecture "Millions Now Living will NEVER Die."An entire worldwide campaign propagated this lie,yet Jesus chose the people doing so as his prophet,supposedly.They said 1925 would be the start of the Millennium,in fact calling it a "positive" and "indisputable" conclusion.-("Millions Now Living will never Die" p.97)..Is this what one could honestly deem healthy "spiritual food at the proper time?"And isn't that what it would've HAD to have been deemed to legitimize the WT's claim that at that time,Jesus ACTUALLY chose them because they were serving TRUE spiritual food,as opposed to false prophecies(which was the reality)?In other words,there was no good reason to choose the WT society as his sole channel because the food it was dispensing was unhealthy lies.

"It would be an insult to Christ Jesus to say that he selected this organization on the basis of what it was teaching ,uniquely and distinctively,as of 1919.An abundance of words flowed out that later proved embarrassing to remember,along with a rash of new time prophecies that proved as erroneous as the past ones.Even the hard school of experience seemed to have taught them no lesson."p.145 "In Search of Christian Freedom" by Ray Franz

Christian author and former JW Ron Frye noted that the JW's described THEMSELVES during the time period of Jesus's supposed inspection as having "unclean garments",being contaminated with apostasy,wrong practices,characteristics that were "weedlike",having fear of man,and "selling themselves" because of those wrong practices.Needless to say,this creates a paradoxical situation where, as Ray says, "Here the newly enthroned king,Jesus Christ,is supposed to be evaluating the FAITHFULNESS and DISCRETION of this organization and at the same time they are to be found following a course like that which brought apostate Israel into Babylonish captivity!..Inexpicably,in 1919,when they are said to have "returned from Babylon,"they were still believing and practicing the identical things that are supposed to have made them UNCLEAN and which led to their captivity!"p.146-147 "In Search of Christian Freedom"

Why WOULD Jesus,a perfect holy being,choose indiscreet and unfaithful men,by their own admission in so many words,as his faithful and discreet slave sole channel?And why when he did (as if he REALLY did!) did they proceed to propagate false prophecies and lies if he was directing their movements and writings and words?Is Jesus a liar,indiscreet and unfaithful,tainted and lacking discernment?

Because of the incomprehensibility of all this considering the successive erroneous predictions and speculations(some even made from studying pyramid measurements) and the society's admission of being unclean and apostate,that Jesus would actually then glorify them to the lofty privilege of handling ALL his interests worldwide despite their ridiculous indiscretion,I think a quote from author Ron Frye who Ray quotes in his book is perfectly apropos:

"That's like going to a businessman who,through his own foolishness got himself into financial difficulty and lost a good deal of your money,having to declare bankruptcy,and your then saying to this businessman "Well done!You lost a small fortune of mine,so now I am going to entrust my whole fortune into your hands."

As Ray says,that is the essence of what they claim Christ actually did.

And I know JW's will say God chose them to REFINE them despite all their faults,as if truth actually needs refined and isn't somehow simply stated in scripture.The texts you use as JW's to prove your points,about the light getting brighter and people being refined for good works to excuse your errors while showcasing everyone else's as worthy of destruction, have to do with people's journeys individually as Christians and God by his spirit ,as opposed to by means of a corporate publishing company and a few select men,perfecting them as much as can be done when they're in his Son,as opposed to members of an organization who tell them they cannot even be in His Son.

JW's also like to compare themselves to the first century disciples who they say were full of errors and faults,which is true.But the difference is,those apostles had questions.They listened to Christ when he spoke and corrected them.They truly repented.They never set dates when Christ said it was only up to his father to know them,and they didn't claim when they were speculating that to question them was the equivalent to questioning God as his prophets..did they?Did they claim that you needed them to be saved?Did they claim that they were the mediators between Christ and men?Did they cause deaths of anyone,cease to repent,make excuses and form a small group of men to lord it over millions in a legally established wealthy corporation/publishing entity?Did they forbid independent bible study and false prophecy to the entire world repeatedly over and over or EVER?Be honest with yourself.

The WT society says only the priests and kings,the minute minority of JW's who are anointed according to them while the rest of them cannot be,are the faithful and discreet slave,as a class.Interestingly,only a very few of those REALLY are.There is no attention given to almost all of their anointed members for opinions or anything else in regards to this spiritual food dispension.It's a VERY elite group,just a literal FEW men to be exact.So their assertion that ALL anointed men in the organization are the slave class dispensing food is an outright lie,yet JW's don't even seem to think about it.Although it is an obvious anomaly and serious fiction.

To quote Ray:
"The fact is that not even 1 percent of the number of anointed ones have the slightest part in determining what JW's receive in the way of biblical material or in the forming of policy or the directing of the activities of the people."p.154

"The Governing Body is said to act as spokesman for all these anointed ones and a spokesman is beholden to a larger body of persons whom he represents ...not the reverse as the WT society has it.How can the Governing Body speak for the body of "anointed" ones unless it knows accurately what they are thinking?One would expect the governing body to be keenly and intensely interested in their thoughts on any and all spiritual matters ,on teaching and on the way the preaching activity is carried on.But what do we find?NO PROVISION is made for communication with the "anointed" members of the "faithful and discreet slave" class."p.158

Ray then goes on to say that although there may be some anointed people at Bethel headquarters in Brooklyn,they are never interviewed and rarely talked to about matters of any weight.YET the WT constantly publishes that ALL the anointed have been supposedly trusted with all their master's goods?How so?As a JW,how loudly does this ring with honesty and integrity for you?What do YOU think about the fact that the organization heralds the false claim that the entire anointed class are your faithful and discreet class yet just a literal few of them have anything to do with actually feeding you?

In their publications,JW's apply the parables to every single anointed Christian(examples:ALL anointed Christians individually attend the wedding feast,are expected to have their lamps ready,are entrusted with their master's valuables etc.!),except of course the faithful and discreet slave parable where the tenable reality is that the food is dispensed and crafted by just a literal few of them no matter what they say to gloss over that fact,expecting their followers to just either ignore it or not to really care I suppose.But the inconsistency is inexplicable.

If one actually accepts the society's weak explanations,one of which is that the anointed not on the governing body makes a contribution to the "building up of the body",then, as Ray asks,"What,then,is DISTINCTIVE about the contribution of these "anointed" outside the authority structure that causes the parable to be fulfilled IN THEM but NOT in the "non-anointed" Witnesses?"p.163

Also,I would add to that..Where is the justification for almost all of the anointed to not have a real sharing in what the WT considers the actual spiritual food dispension,since that is what they tout as the fulfillment of the parable itself?Makes no sense.It's a real disparity.


  1. Kellie, This is at the core of what's really wrong with the Watchtower Society. It's the big proof that they are not who they claim to be.

    Good post! Dann

  2. Thank you Dann.I understand that JW's are blinded and may not be able to actually SEE the true facts but if Yah sees them earnestly seeking like you and I did and caring more about scripture than manmade publications,He can remove that veil!