Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poison in The Passion of the Christ

I know this is long(almost 80 mins.) but I think it is important because so many Christians LOVE this film.(I did!)I think this man,Mark Woodman,provides adequate and convincing evidence that this IS a Satanic film.Especially if you already know anything at all about this world,the spirits behind it & behind Catholicism,and the Luciferian agenda of people in high places.(I don't care who thinks I'm a "conspiracy theorist"..it isn't like scripture didn't let us know we have a battle going on between Christians and "wicked spirit forces in high places!"(Eph. 6:10-13) If you want to watch it on youtube, go to youtube channel NylaRossini and you will see the uploads.


  1. You know, when you argue your theology on youtube, the people you argue with probably won't change their mind. You're right about that. But the people reading the arguments get the seeds you're scattering, and you scatter fertile seeds, and you never know when they'll hit fertile ground. We regularly post on a few fundamental videos and Westboro videos especially, and have had a couple people who've said thank you even. One kid we've been following for about a half a year now has had a total turn around in his beliefs, and is now in the process of sorting them out and you can finally see him coming to some peace about it. It's awesome. And we've found a few people (like yourself) that are truth seekers instead of followers, and that's always awesome too:)
    Peace, Phil

  2. Phil,what an encouraging comment!I truly appreciate it.Yes,only God can make the seeds grow and many people have helped me by their planting.But ultimately,all glory to Yaheweh through His Son.