Saturday, January 30, 2010

Revelation 14:9-11(Hellfire proof texts explained!)

The following video is an excerpt from Ed Fudge's book "The Fire that Consumes" (pages 186-190)..I didn't read every point he made trying to fit it all under 11 minutes.I'm sure he wouldn't advocate all of my theology but we agree on this point.The man is not a JW.I have no idea why the audio is suddenly so bad on youtube with my videos..It's fine till they get uploaded.

Couple points:

Jesus Christ paid the FULL wrath of God against sin on the cross.Is Jesus in eternal conscious torment?If not,then how was God's wrath against sin actually demonstrated upon him?Unrepentant sinners will have to pay their OWN price because they didn't accept Christ's payment ..torture leading to death.Just as Christ demonstrated.Otherwise,God lied when he said his wrath against sin was poured out upon His Son.He also lied to Adam when he said sin equalled death and ashes,then elsewhere defined death as a cessation of thoughts and existence,a lack of breath and life.What he REALLY meant was ashes..but THEN eternal conscious torment and that death equals eternal life(sometimes in agony),right?That the wicked inherit everlasting life,right?Only if you believe Satan and not the bible,who says God ALONE is immortal..and also now Christ of course.If God and Christ ALONE are,then why do Christians say everyone is?

A possibility that Ed didn't raise in relation to "NO REST day and night" is that this is in stark contrast to the righteous who will enter God's rest in the kingdom.In other words,the wicked don't receive that blessing.Ever."Day and night" Ed points out is genitive here,and doesn't have to mean a literal forever.In Isaiah 34:10 "night and day" is used for the smoke of Edom,and the language in Revelation here is borrowed from that.I can assure you that smoke has gone out,but wasn't,when it lasted,limited to either a night or a day.The eternality of it is in relation to its being an eternal and silent witness to the reality of Edom's ETERNAL destruction.What is eternal is the effect of the judgment rather than the process of it,the smoke SYMBOLIZING the destruction,the eternal one.Similar to "eternal redemption" being a ONE TIME redemption with everlasting consequences as opposed to an "eternal redeeming process."Christ's payment was a ONE TIME thing.As for "forever" in scripture,it doesn't always mean a literal forever,but rather only for as long as what is being spoken of exists.

To quote Steve Scianni from his essay "everlasting torment examined"

Ages of ages is an indefinite amount of time finding its duration in connection to the object referred to.

We might also recall the smoke rising forever and ever in Isaiah 34 and Revelation 19:3 as denoting an indefinite but limited amount of time. Also, 2 Kings 5:27, Psalm 83:17, Matthew 21:19, and Philemon 15 are among numerous examples of the word forever limited to the duration of the entity spoken of.

Examine Jonah 2:6: To the roots of the mountains I sank down;
the earth beneath barred me in FOREVER.
But you brought my life up from the pit,
O LORD my God.

So Jonah said he was barred in the fish forever..Was he?Obviously,forever often means "for as long as what is spoken of lasts" in the bible.

Regrettably,I used images here that are from a Satanic film,the Passion of the Christ.I JUST watched a revealing documentary about the film that exposes the truth about it.Here's the link to the first part:

I would remove this video but I simply do not want to remake this(I erased this one from my pc and so can't just easily erase the images from the original) and I think the truth in this vid is too important to discard and needs to remain out there.But I do apologize for the images from the film.

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