Thursday, January 21, 2010

How discreet are the faithful and discreet slave?

I have no idea why the audio sounds so hideous.It's perfectly fine until it gets uploaded to youtube.

This was partially inspired,again,by the MUST READ "Crisis of Conscience" by Ray Franz.

First let me say there are many good things about Jehovah's Witnesses..but JW's already know that!There are many good things about almost every religion..should I excuse all the bad because of them?If not,then why should JW's excuse the bad in THEIR religion because of the good?Wouldn't that be hypocritical to expect others not to do so but then to do so yourselves(if you're a JW)?

As for who the faithful and discreet slave are,I am going to assume like most Christians that all true Christians are "slaves" of Christ,and that if they are "faithful and discreet",caring for one another and handling the word of truth aright,then they are "faithful and discreet slaves."There is nothing in the texts to suggest that it is the men in the higher echalons of the Watchtower bible and tract society.Changing light is neither inspired nor discreet when it has resulted in mishandled sheep.

If just ONE Jehovah's Witness sees this and ponders the injustices and bloodguilt in the society,then that's enough for me.Organizational policies and legalistic standards are not the way to salvation.In fact,they're Pharisaic..When I was a JW,because of how controlled my mind was by constant meetings and WT literature,I HONESTLY believed these men were God's channel of communication.The bible became secondary,naturally.If you read everything they tell you to read,there's not much time for anything else.I believed I needed to be in their organization before I could be saved.I trusted them.Then I discovered the deceitful rhetoric,the lies,the history,the origin,the cover ups,the bloodguilt,the hypocrisy,the dangerous doctrines,the burdensome dogmatisms.etc.God prefers humility,grace,truth and justice.Christ is the answer.He is the "ark",the way,the truth and the life.The mediator.Not men.Not a "society",and not time slips or meeting attendance.

About the blood doctrine,EVEN IF you as a JW think the WT society is correct,you must at least consider that the NT reiterates the OT and ALL the blood that was mentioned from which to refrain was consuming that of deceased animals.Therefore,why would you jump to "possible life-saving blood transfusion" from that?If you hold the sanctity of life in as high a regard as Yah does,I do hope you'll at least consider that,if anything,this issue should at least be up to the individual conscience and not the policies of men who are interpreting a text outside it's OT context.Who have flip flopped over deadly doctrines many times.And how much blood product is allowed,taking control of YOUR conscience.And expecting you to change your mind tomorrow if they do.

Some SERIOUS flip flops to ponder:


  1. Diggin the new layout! Great blog too. And I agree with your statement that if even one JW thinks about these things, then the time we spend writing and making videos is worth it.

  2. Sister, sister, sister. I am proud of you. I knew you were a smart girl and would see the truth about the Witnesses one day. We were duped, weren't we?

    You might like this site:

    That site helped me in more ways then one. I am free in a way that I never had the opportunity to be because of them.

    Are you wondering who I am? Trust me, you know me pretty well on here. If you want to know my identity, email "" and I'll give you the link to my OTHER blog from when I was loyal to the Witnesses. I think you'll be surprised. Until then,


  3. Mike-e thanks and I appreciate so much of what you do for JW's and for your patience with me when I defended the indefensible.

    Ebed..Thanks for the site and we need to push forward in Christ and help other JW's.