Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jehovah's Witnesses need truth and Christian freedom

This video speaks(in a distinctly southern fashion) more about my main objective in the Romans blog I posted last.There is some said here that I have written in other blogs but reiterate because I keep getting the same defenses from JW's,especially about the faithful slave feeding them at the proper time.The reason I so emphasize the need to be in Christ and the need to be God's child is because it is a prevalent heartfelt and life saving admonition throughout the entire NT for all believers.It was one of,if not the most compelling reason for me to leave the WT organization.There were many others,but this one hits home for those who read God's word without the WT's bias distorted and flawed lens of changing light.I love JW's so much and completely understand their ways of thinking.Sometimes it takes a reality check to wake up.And though it's always best if the reality check is tempered with mildness and deep respect,how exactly can you communicate bold and grand injustices without simply sounding possibly bitter or condemnatory?Maybe I'll find a balance,but it is of utmost importance that the Messiah complex of the WT organization be exposed as the blasphemy that it truly is.

I've been accused by JW's of sounding like a trinitarian because of emphasizing Christ so much.By NO means am I negating the father and God of Christ's role as Most High God nor am I exalting Christ to ontological equality and inclusion with & in the "being" of his own God.What I AM doing is proclaiming the true roles of Christ for every believer that the WT denies him.The WT doesn't negate Jehovah's roles.They do Jesus's.So THAT is why I emphasize Christ for JW's and certainly not because I believe God is a triune substance.The organization essentially becomes a Messiah in that all the titles for the Lord ALONE(savior,mediator,the truth,how to live forever etc..)are attributed to a "mother organization" either instead of or in addition to Christ alone when nothing should be added.For the trinitarians,the fact that we're Christ's body alone should help you figure out that Christ isn't God unless we become God's brothers and God's body in whom the first of God's 3 persons can indwell the second,whose body we are,by means of the third person of his being.God inhabits Christ's body by spirit,but no one God inhabits by spirit,like he does his Christ more fully than anyone else,actually becomes the SAME God.Unless we do too!Trinitarian arguments OFTTIMES make Christians God too.Like proskeneo(Rev 3:9),fullness(Eph. 3:19) forgiving sin(John 20:22-23),judging(1 Cor. 6:3)..etc.


  1. Excellent! I plan to link to it when I get my new JW section up on my website.

    May God the Righteous Judge bless you,
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  2. Martin,

    I love your site!Thanks you so much for your support and encouragement brother!A JW section to your website would be fantastic.

    May you be blessed as well in your ministry and life..Peace love and blessings in Yeshua!