Thursday, August 19, 2010

Watchtower apostate melody (rap style).."I get out" by Lauryn Hill

I love this song so much!Set to Lauryn Hill's " I get out "..I'm sure Lauryn didn't write this song for the Watchower but how apropos!If JW's see this,I KNOW there are some GREAT things about the organization.This video touches on what isn't and the good doesn't eradicate the bad.That's why humble home fellowships(like the 1st century Christians had) are superior to giant rich institutions that control your mind,or at least try to,who have lost their humility,mercy,and ability to accept truth over tradition.Who harbor a history of consistent bloodguilt,mishandling of sheep,false prophecy,and scripture twisting.You don't need a giant billion dollar a year corporation to serve God.It's that simple.

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