Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is Jesus Yahweh?

For those of you who have no idea why some Christians don't believe in a trinity,here is a good half hour presentation by Dan Mages that might help you.At the very least,hopefully you'll be able to recognize that unitarians actually have good reasons to reject the trinity doctrine and to heed texts like Deut. 6:4,John 17:3,1 Cor. 8:5,6,Mark 12:28-34,Eph. 1:3 etc. at face value.This is Dan's opening statement in a debate he had a while ago with trinitarian Ed Enochs.

You can purchase the entire debate right here:

Lest there be any uproars,I do NOT think Jesus was *just* a man!I think he was divine because by the spirit of Yah was he made!He was sinless and perfect just like the first Adam was before sin.Only he's so much better than him because he was faithful & true,and has been rewarded with God's spirit immeasurably and an exaltation inimitable.He has been extolled to a position second only to God's,is king,Lord,and savior of the world.The fulfillment of God's kingdom plans,the Great Amen.

As for God being called the ONLY God,The ONLY savior,the ONLY one immortal..etc..and trinitarians saying this has to mean Jesus is God..all it takes is a little logic.Others BESIDES Yah and Jesus have been called saviors,gods,and will be immortal so what could this mean?Apparently,that no one is a god,a savior,or immortal without Yah making them those things.The scriptures cannot be broken and others ARE saviors,gods,and will be immortal,so reason MUST be utilized.No one could be any of those things without the Most High's allowance.And the other gods,saviors,and those granted immortality aren't people in God's being anymore than Christ is.

You literally have to enter scripture presupposing God is a substance composed of three separate individuals who aren't separate Gods but all equally God individually as just ONE God(not three!) to EVER think scripture logically says anything of the sort!It has to be read into every supposed trinity "proof text" with the incarnation in the front of one's mind.The imaginary incarnation based upon the misuse of a literal few texts that the bible doesn't communicate.A dogma of inference,with name calling and extreme judgmentalness attached(in that people will burn alive eternally for believing Jesus's father is the only True God acc to it's adherents!) is seriously sad,folks.It is time to question this bloodguilty dogma.Time for a NEW reformation.

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