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Dear Christians against the Watchtower(3rd blog on this)

1st two blogs about this subject:

Dear Christians against the Watchtower

Christians,the Watchtower,the trinity,and hypocrisy

Now,# 3:

Ever since exiting the Watchtower organization,I've become somewhat hyper-sensitive to the hypocrisy and deception in religious systems.Amazingly enough,those comfortable in their "orthodoxy",however it is they choose to define that,either do not recognize,or deliberately deceive themselves into believing,that only select "cults" or "outside" institutions are steeped in lies and injustice.That they're somehow exempt,completely and utterly content in what they've always been taught,much like those raised as JW's or Muslims or Mormons.Yet they believe only those like the JW's and Catholics have wrong ideas and a history of atrocities.They,much like the WT,justify and excuse their own atrocities ranging from bloodguilt to mass deceit,complacent again,in their peer approved little system and dearly held traditions.Doesn't the bible say that Babylon the Great has children?Could it be those denominations that think they've reformed yet have held on to her greatest "mysteries" & deceits?

I personally think there's a concerning lack of regard for the bible and the milk of the word,for Yahushua's plain and unambiguous words,for the context,larger and smaller,of passages.For the historical reality and thought-forms of the bible authors themselves.This presents fertile breeding ground for lies to grow and deception to flourish.If you find yourself plucking select passages,few and far between,creating false dilemmas,or over-inferring to prove your "essential doctrines",you may have a problem,aware or not.That's what the WT effectively does.Orthodoxy likewise does,imho.You label,possibly even shun,and condemn to your false idea of hell,those who dare to differ.Even as you demonize the JW's for practicing the same.

What do you have to lose?How much do you have invested?How much time,energy,and emotion have you spent to justify your theological belief system or organized group who supposedly "alone" has the "truth"?How much focus has there been on doctrine and comraderie,peer approval and so called orthodoxy?And justifying it all?With sophistry,false dilemmas,deceiving books,and support from those who will help you remain in your deceit?When I used to frequent the Kingdom hall,just like you're probably frequenting some affable gathering,I was surrounded by those who assisted me in my deceit.Does something feel "off?"How often do you read the word?Do you make time to study your belief system(scholars,google,popular books etc.) often in neglect of actually reading the word day and night,as commanded?I used to read so much Watchtower literature that I literally didn't have enough time to study the bible alone like I should have.And when I did,it was through the Watchtower publications' lens just like those in Christendom read it through the lens of their presuppositions and traditions.Reading their own stubborn ideas INTO scripture instead of gleaning truth FROM scripture.

Trust the spirit to lead you to the food you need to nourish your spiritual starvation.Even if we seem to be heart deep,minds set,on spiritual matters,because of the condition in the world and the temptation abounding,we must be OBSESSIVELY inclined toward a kingdom focus.If we don't even know what the kingdom is(and many don't) it is easier for Satan to plant weeds in our beliefs that spread like wildfire to taint our whole perception of a biblically based reality.Don't be scared to abandon any falsehoods you may have harbored even at the expense of your ego and the embarrassment and regret you might feel for having propagated something untrue for a while.I've been there.

The word of God is alive and exerts unbelievable power over your mind and heart but only if you enter the bible,diving in heartily,with no preconceptions or presuppositions,nothing you have to justify,no belief you have to corroborate at all costs.Don't justify your tradition at the cost of truth.Don't ignore the milk to maintain an elaborate system of inference.If a passage on the surface suggests something in glaring contradiction to the overwhelming and vast majority of plain and simple scriptures,chances are seriously huge that if you interpret those few passages(when they have alternative interpretations worthy of serious consideration) in contradiction to the clear majority,you're self-deceiving.Possibly self-preserving to save ego,face,and emotional investments/attachments.What we must as Christians do is count anything as refuse that doesn't conform to the truth in Christ.And that truth must be established as plain and unambiguous deliberately articulated milk first before the meat of the word can be honestly respectfully regarded.Keeping in mind that John writes with prolepsis and figurative dialogue,even poetry sometimes,and that Paul is occasionally hard to understand and easy to twist,should those be the books we go to to establish our milk OR perhaps to gather meat AFTER we're strong & nourished with milk?Would they logically contradict the truth or are they being twisted,(as Peter prophesied in the case of Paul),& misunderstood to support a triune essence?As opposed to the explicitly articulated God who uses singular personal pronouns thousands of times to elucidate the fact that he's unipersonal.

As a youtube apologist for several years now(I'd like to think I'm currently finished for the most part with futile debates with the same die hard trinitarians and JW's),I have noticed,blazingly so,that certain traditionalist Christians get very offended,hateful even,when challenged.When someone like me points out what I perceive to be their own injustices,lies,bloodguilt,and hypocrisy much like they do the Watchtower's.I have gotten offended and reacted like I shouldn't have before as well so I am not condemning them so much as just trying to make the following points:

DON'T get offended or hateful when your belief system and tradition is challenged if you're going to challenge that of others.Don't ride a high horse and let your ego eradicate truth for you just because you somehow think you alone are immune to deception while the less gifted you enjoy "exposing" somehow aren't..Don't get cruel and verbally abusive if people like me have answers,easy ones,to your reasons for upholding what we perceive are deceitful dangerous lies.You would expect the truth seeking conscientious JW's to listen to you and your concerns without getting hostile and upset,so maybe you should unhypocritically behave how you would expect others to do so.Don't pretend Satan lives in a little box called the WT and that he forgets about your church and the bigger systems.Don't pretend a majority vote equals truth or justice.Don't pretend that because the Watchtower is wrong about a number of things that they're wrong about EVERYTHING.Don't throw the baby out with the bath water and I promise not to do the same.For instance,just because I don't believe in the trinity doesn't mean I'm going to disbelieve every thing traditionalists ever say.Truth is true no matter who delivers it.If Satan says "Jesus's father is the only true God and Jesus is his Son" I'm still going to believe John 17:3 even if Satan corroborates it even though he is wrong about so many other things.

I understand completely that you probably think I'm a tool of Satan for challenging YOUR "truths" ,your established "orthodoxy" and"majority position."I used to think the same of those who challenged MY "truth",MY established "orthodoxy" and definition of that word,MY "minority yet easily true"(or so I thought) position as a former Jehovah's Witness.I simply thought those who didn't recognize the Watchtower as God's channel didn't really know God nor could they be on his side.Then I woke up.Do you think that those who don't adhere to Calvinism(or whatever it is to which you subscribe) don't really know God nor could they be on his side?It is my hope that someday very soon that you will wake up if you're stuck in a similar predicament,not knowing how deceived you really might be.Is it POSSIBLE that the great and powerful Yahuwah doesn't see a great deal of difference in the Watchtower and orthodoxy?Is it POSSIBLE both systems are bruised and corrupt with bloodguilt,injustice,and lies as they battle each other,pretending their truth is better than the other's?Yahushua is truth,not your belief system.Don't take a book as gargantuan as the holy bible and gather texts here and there that anyone with any semblance of intellect could cleverly twist to fit a manmade doctrine or to support one that isn't articulated deliberately.Just read the bible,believe what it says,and when something surface-wise seems to suggest something other than the milk you've established,keep in mind interpreting it in contradiction to that overwhelming majority milk is most likely,logically speaking, highly imprudent,irresponsible even.

The messages within God's word are most extraordinarily beautiful,most exceptionally cohesive,most heartwrenching and incredible,when they are regarded and harbored in love and truth.That's why I don't just preach love,but also true beliefs.Otherwise,the God who wants us to know him remains largely unknown by those who profess a godly devotion that seems genuine yet not according to accurate knowledge.We can all be thankful for any deception we may have upheld *once set free from it* because then it's easier to appreciate the mercy of God for setting captive minds free and the love of God for caring enough to do so,and the truth of God for establishing us in righteousness though it might seem the whole world opposes or distorts the truth that remains most widely available to those who won't be devastated or puffed up by it.Who would value it above all else and sacrifice anything in the entire world for it.The majority of people aren't willing to do that.Truth must be valued above peer approval and tradition.Above tested and tried(or so you think) belief systems and undetected comfortable deceits.Possessing accurate doctrines won't save us but all the distortions & false ones inevitably lead to stumbling millions or more.They will corrupt our path,subvert the faith of many,& ultimately defy God's way of worship in many cases,possibly even rob us of our victory in Christ.Unless the reform knocking at your door is heeded.

Ignoring the lies and such in the larger realm of Christendom while focusing solely on those within the WT would be like trying to kill a rat when there's a vicious tiger or bear in the room.Please try and understand I am coming from the viewpoint of someone who was led TO the WT because of all the lies in Christendom.Thankfully,I have since recognized many problems within the WT as well,while also understanding Satan operates by mixing truth with lies very ardently and meticulously.And not just within the Watchtower and the other "obvious" systems of false ideas.But within the larger ones,Babylon the great and her children, from which Yahuwah pleads for his children to exit.So next time you contemplate condemning the WT,first contemplate where problems may lie within the system you trust.Trust in Yahushua and his father alone.

I'm tired of seeing non-trinitarianism and belief in annihilationism demonized by being associated with the Watchtower organization.As if these basic facts haven't been propagated from the beginning of time.The WT adds a lot of twisted things to the mix,but the fact remains that God is one and God is love.See blog title and bible for proof.And lies in opposition to these basic truths have stumbled far more people than the WT could ever dream of doing.

What it boils down to,and yes it is as simple as this:You're not going to be deceived by any manmade doctrines or false theological systems if you have regard for biblical milk first so that you can recognize the lies on impact.But if you first regard what men tell you(though men can easily lie) and read that INTO the word of God(who cannot lie),while trying to pluck and misuse scripture(though that of course isn't your's just a natural consequence of your trusting men and their mighty preconceptions they've handed to you)then deceit will inevitably abound and truth will get lost in the shuffle to justify your tradition and cherished position.The trinity doctrine,for instance,is eisegesis in the highest order.A sheer and confounding case of "I know what Jesus says here but I will make it fit what I believe instead because there are a few passages that I'm able to misuse & twist to justify doing so."My friends,that is not the way to truth seek.The few texts you're twisting,just like the few I did to justify believing that I couldn't be in the body of Christ as a former JW,are EASILY seen by minions in another superior way that doesn't eradicate God's word of truth,Yahushua's own unambiguous statements.Those beautiful ones he made of a clear inferiority to a greater God and utter reliance upon that One he himself worshipped and obeyed as the most extraordinary servant of the Shema's One God who ever lived!

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