Monday, January 19, 2009

Plato or God?

Check out the site for a simple and thorough explanation of how man has adopted the philosophy of other men instead of the truth in the word into their doctrines.There are many scriptures and facts given upon which to ponder and be honest with yourself.I'll also post URL's of a couple of youtubes where Plato's definition of death differs from God's when examined under the microscope of God's perfect word.

I urge everyone to go to the website and be honest with yourself!I know it is hard to accept that long held deeply steeped traditions conflict with truth and reality but God is not to be contradicted ..We MUST worship him in truth!Otherwise,we are on the "Father of the lie's" side.Who wants to be there?God is our potter our creator our master.Let him mold your thoughts and ideas.Let HIM teach you and help you to unadopt philosophical pagan conformity and imprisonment.The truth will set you free.At least please CONSIDER the scriptures given on the website above and all the ones on my "OH HELL!!" blog.:)Because scriptures should be the authority.For instance if the hellfire doctrine seems out of line with God's absolute mercy,justice and love,then it probably is!Sheol and hades and the pit all mean grave.Gehenna was a location Jesus was using to symbolize destruction and ostracizing from God.It was a literal location where everything was burned up and where lepers were sent ..that is what the people at that time understood when Jesus was talking about "hell" because these are all the words translated as "hell".( it.)Please watch the following youtube for sensible truth made by someone I do not know..Thanks.:)

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