Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paradise on earth and trinity thoughts

Weren't Adam and Eve glorious and holy before they sinned?Don't you think Jehovah was happy with the earth and man be4 sin?Why would he dismiss the idea of Paradise when he never dismisses any of his purposes?Why would he put "forever" and "peace on earth" in the hearts of men if it wasn't going to occur?Why WOULDN'T he fulfill his original purpose?Don't you think the bible specifically lays out that plan and the means of accomplishing it in scripture?(gen 3:15)What does the Lord's prayer mean when it says "let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?" and on the sermon on the mount when he says"blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth"..?And would it be reasonable to conclude that humans will all die and go to heaven when Jehovah never intended that to begin with,when we were composed of "earthly things"?..WHICH isn't bad pre-sin!If we take our minds out of the gutter and realize the perfection glory and peace that the earth and man possessed pre Adamic sin then we should be absolutely overwhelmed imagining the beauty of what must've been and what WILL BE AGAIN!(eph 3:20)I haven't pulled it out of is laid out like a divine puzzle in the word of God!Yes,you can live forever in a Paradise on earth..I said paradise!Not the chaos and tragedy we all have come to know.Conditions will be the power of God and his king!(1 chron 29:20,rev 5:13,John 13:31,32,Isaiah 9:7)

At rev 21:3,Jehovah's Witnesses say mankind on earth is referenced here.Christians commonly say that isn't possible because the "tabernacle " is in heaven.I will now refer you to Leviticus 26:11,12,where ,again,Jehovah resides with his ppl figuratively.There won't even be a need for a mediator once paradise is restored and the kingdom has completely taken over!(1 cor 15:27,28)Mediators were only needed because of mankind's fall from grace.That isn't to say though that appointees won't still be used and on earth in behalf of keeping things theocratically organized.(Ps 45:16,1 Cor 14:33)

Did Adam and Eve have it bad before they sinned?I think that is one reason they sinned..they had it so well,they forgot how bad they needed God for a second.And look what happens when man does that!Yikes!

Hebrews 4:15,:we do not have a high priest incapable of sympathizing with our weaknesses, but one who has been tempted in every way just as we are, yet without sin” (NET). 16:Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

IMO,if you are saying life in a paradise earth in peace and perfection isn't good enough for you then you are saying Jehovah's purpose for you isn't good enough.Remember we're talkin PRE-sin heah!And I find it interesting that people pray for peace on earth and God's will on earth and feel the beauty in their hearts of the majesty of this planet(minus the chaos from the fall mind you) yet insist that heaven is the only place to live!

And now,for another defense in regards to YEP you guessed it..the trinity!THIS time it's about revelation and how it DOESN'T prove Jesus is Jehovah.
About Rev 1:8:"I am the Alpha and the Omega," declares the Lord God, "the one who is, who was, and who is coming, the Almighty."

Rev 1:1= Jesus is GIVEN the revelation FROM GOD.So according to trinitarians Jehovah gives Jehovah a revelation.Shouldn't Jehovah the Son have already had the revelation?Wonder why Jesus has to constantly be given everything?Could it be because he relies on HIS GOD for everything and is NOT HIS OWN GOD?(Acts 10:38)They are clearly BOTH coming since Jehovah is Jesus's source of power!(Acts 2:22)You better believe Jehovah is coming..he has never not been there for his most beloved son(to vindicate his sovereignty THROUGH Jesus )!(John 3:34)Jah uses Jesus and Jesus happily complies!Again,please,do reveal to us who know Jesus has a God why he had to be given the revelation?Is your answer because the son needs to be given everything from the father?(dan 7:14)and if it is,what about life?(John 5:26)

Jehovah is here figuratively every time Jesus is..since he freely and kindly gives his holy spirit to his Christ everytime Christ does or says anything as Jehovah's representative.(John 10:37,38,John 5:19)For example,when Joshua made the sun and moon motionless,who do you think REALLY did?When Jesus healed and raised etc,since he did nothing of his own initiative,what was REALLY going on?(Isaiah 42:1)
Is Revelation 1:8 about Jehovah?absolutely!And good luck proving otherwise in light of rev 1:1,4,5!

NOW yes Jesus is called the first and the last in a couple scriptures.Why?One need only to look at context for answers.He was the first to be raised to immortality directly by Jehovah and the last because THROUGH Christ everyone else will be raised,in him.Look at context and it should be clear that the context is the death and resurrection of Jesus.Also,Christ was the first new creation by Jehovah God and the last in that all the rest of it is held together in his glorified and immortal body.First and last has to do with being the firstfruits of new creatures and gaining a life without end.

Ponder for a few the earth and how it is Jehovah's footstool and his delight after seeing his creation.Ponder for a few the "Son of Man" being brought to the "Ancient of Days" and reconcile all that with your belief that all believers will live in heaven and that Jesus is God.(Daniel 7:9-13,Genesis 1:31)

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