Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God,mankind's fall, and the kingdom

For the sincere seekers of "something more",for those recognizant of the fact that "it isn't up to mortal man even to direct his step"(Jer 10:23,17:9,10)) and that there is no peace where there is no God.(Is 48:17,18)For those who hate the evil in this world and cling or want to cling to something brighter cleaner richer and better.(ps 34:8)Jehovah is there for you.He is your father and he draws close to those drawing close to him.(James 4:8)He is the EPITOME of love and he desires your love.(1john 4:8,16)He sacrificed his own son so that we may live,a greater sacrifice cannot be fathomed(john 3:16).He is apparent in all the maginficent(to say the least) creation around you,from the intricacies of the simplest butterfly to the unbelievable complexities in a single cell to the the undeniable marvels of the human body.(rom 1:20,Ps 139:14)He doesn't cause us to be tempted or to suffer.(pr 27:11,james 1:13-15)He ALLOWS it for a PURPOSE and only temporarily.It hurts him very much.(gen 6:6)But his sovereignty and right to rule mankind as our benevolent loving creator has been challenged by someone who epitomizes evil.(John 8:44)Satan the devil,the father of the lie,who was one of heaven's most glorious angels before he became haughty and desired the worship Jehovah received for himself.(Ezekiel 28:11-19)Not only did he abandon and rebel against his father and creator but so did a third of all the angels in heaven.Man inherited sin and death from Adam,and the consequences are trying but we are never tempted beyond what we can bear.(1 cor 10:12-14) And are promised a future when there will be no more pain and death and chaos,if we only look ahead.And if Jesus Christ,the faithful and true most beloved and exceptional son of God,can endure the hideous suffering he did(which is easier to understand once you realize he REALLY is a son who can be tempted and not God himself)then we should be able to endure anything horrendous that may occur with our eyes on spiritual matters and a view to a future kingdom and peace.(matt 4:8-10,heb 5:7)God allows this chaos and madness because of that challenge of his sovereignty (Job 1:7-12,Proverbs 27:11)and aren't we now equipped with solid evidence that a world lying in the power of evil instead of good is not a world of peace and harmony and perfection.?(WAR.CRIME.SICKNESS.DEPRESSION.DEATH. ETC.)Like it WAS before Adam sinned and Satan became allowed (for a short time..remember 1000 yrs is like a day to Jehovah)to become "ruler of THIS world".(2 cor 4:4,rev 12:12).When all badness and evil has been destroyed,will anyone ever be able to question God's right to rule again,and the benefit for us and the angels of that rule?(the suffering now should leave an indelible mark of remembrance even into the distant future of the abysmal debaucheed conditions in a world without God's sovereignty being "all in all" 1 cor 15:28)Should we listen to ourselves instead of the designer OF ourselves?(Is 64:8)Now we have seen the effects of this world without Jehovah's intervention.He WILL intervene but till then we have death,sorrow,sickness,war,crime you name it.Have you learned anything yet?(ec 8:9,pr 3:5-6)Like that perhaps it doesn't belong to man to bring peace and happiness?Like perhaps we have a heavenly father who has every right to tell us how to live,while still maintaining our free will and individual personalities..?So does God want and require us to be obedient and to use our free will responsibly because he is selfish and wants to "lord it over" us?Umm,no.He knows we will never have peace or be benefitted in any good way if we don't heed him in all we do.That simple.Imagine if you had a rebellious child who you loved so much it hurt,but that child does drugs,goes to war,gets AIDS from being promiscuous,refuses to even acknowledge you at all(the scary possibilities are endless for the rebellious).How would you feel?And if you were a fantastic person who had the kind of advice and love that could have saved your child,wouldn't you be distressed if the child refused to believe it?And if you promised that child if they would only listen and obey you then there peace and life would NEVER end.That simply RECOGNIZING,loving and obeying you was all that is required to benefit extraordinarily superabundantly,for an eternity!(eph 3:20,micah 6:8)Wouldn't the child be a fool not to listen love and obey?Even powerful deception and temptation shouldn't make the child turn from such magnanimous promises.And if the child does decide to wise up and repent,what an extraordinary father to accept that child with open arms right back!(Luke 15,Is 1:18,19)As if nothing ever happened at all.Slate clean.Wouldn't such a remarkable empathetic and kind father move you to turn to him in your time of need,and thank him for his blessings and promise thereof?Do you ever marvel at his marvels of creation around you,even if you don't yet recognize that they ARE creations(IF you are an atheist)?The heavens the earth(minus the bad..he didn't cause that..He created the angels and people who abused their free will and BECAME evil) the animals the oceans,the mountains,the children.ETC..He made it all perfect,and will again.Without fail.I urge you if you don't believe this to not only prayerfully consider the bible,but to affirm for yourself its prophetic fulfillments and scientific accuracies etc with your own research..research of HIS side..because it is undeniable & tenable more excuses for ignorance.He has spoken to us by means of prophets in the past,his son also,then his holy scripture now.And THAT is alive and exerts power,sharper than a two edged sword,able to pierce even to the dividing of soul and spirit,to discern thoughts and intentions(heb 4:12).YOU are loved.Will you love in return?

In summary,Jah allows suffering because it teaches us that a world not under his benevolent magnanimous rulership,by his appointed king,is tragic chaotic and death dealing.We have promise and hope laid out like a giant jewel in the bible for a future of absolute peace and eternal life.Jehovah is misrepresented as a mysterious triune(which is 3,not one..He however is ONE) sadist God by people who misinterpret symbolic texts(about "hellfire").But the truth(that those who refuse to live in line with his requirements for a peaceful righteous world must die,NOT burn alive forever) is in there if you sincerely dig and he will reveal it to you if you seek him diligently.We can have either eternal life or eternal death.Under fabulous conditions and remarkable ways and truths we have yet to know but that will soon be revealed.Give your loving generous merciful and holy heavenly father your love!His kingdom under his messiah's appointed rule will be something that as flawed unholy humans now we couldn't possibly fully comprehend but he provides many truths about what the faithful and true will inherit :)!Can anything be greater than forming a close relationship with your creator and learning truthful nuggets of gold about his sensational upcoming kingdom ?!It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done,if you are repentant and you are willing to love him like he loves you,in truth and in earnestness,you will be forgiven anything.!

I recommend reading the book of Job if you don't understand suffering,keeping in mind who is tempting and torturing,then who exactly is giving blessings afterward upon our endurance.

I also recommend reading Matthew for a preview of the kind of heavenly king we have who will be restoring us to health and perfection in the coming kingdom.One who indiscriminately loves,heals,teaches and gives life to all with faith.ALL those who worship in love and truth.He wants you to know him and to know him is to know his father.His God is someone we need and should know and love and worship and obey and thank etc ...Don't ignore him please..he pleads to you from inspired words of life and embrace "the real" life and the kingdom to come.

If you are someone who thinks the bible is derived from ancient mythology,I recommend reading "the Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop(exhaustively researched) to help you understand how it all connects(the book isn't all about the bible/mythology connection,but it certainly explains it).Basically,mythology adopted and twisted prophecies Jehovah gave to his ancient peoples ,NOT the other way around.

Jehovah is too holy to find our fall from perfection and glory as acceptable.So he provided a propitiatory sacrifice,a loving and complete provision so that we sinners could live,regain vitality,enjoy blessings forever.

Jehovah is perfectly outstandigngly holy and that is why we had to have the sacrifice of his MOST beloved son to redeem our pathetic selves.Don't believe those who tell you that he gave his own life.God can't die.He had to watch his own unique child suffer untellable atrocities and then watch him be put to death for us.When Jesus told his disciples that there is no greater love than to give your life for another,he was letting them know how much he loved them and what they may,as martyrs ,have to do.But,clearly,it is even harder to watch your child die than to die yourself.Ask any mother or father which they'd prefer.So now Jesus,the son,is exalted because it PLEASES his father.Imagine watching your child suffer THAT...of course he has been rewarded and he deserves praise and glory and his inherited kingship!On Jehovah's scales of justice,a perfect son bought back what a perfect son had lost.We can have forgiveness from that ransom and we should be grateful from the bottom of our hearts and souls.Get to know Jesus and Jehovah through bible study.You can't say you wholeheartedly love anyone you don't come to know and continue to learn everything about.Of course you can love and appreciate them but you can't KNOW them like they want you to.We are commanded to read the word every day and night.It is rewarding,not burdensome.If you haven't already,experience it!Don't believe the anti-bible propaganda..examine the prophecies etc yourself!There is not a single other book or "god" in existence who can make the claims the ONE TRUE GOD and his word can!Down to the letter,it is accurate and trustworthy and will continue to prove to be.Which means we have a lot to look forward to if we are close to Jehovah :)


  1. Ty have such a beautiful name.:-)

  2. I thank my parents, they did a good job of picking.

    BTW - I love your style of writing :)

  3. You're a sweetheart Maribel..I'm not much of a writer..I just love Jehovah :)..I love your youtubes..what an important message you've been spreading.Keep it up!