Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trinity stupidity(this time it's MY stupidity)

As will become obvious,I wrote this blog before I disassociated from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

I am cutting down on youtube witnessing.I thought if I stated it in a blog then I wouldn't go back on it.I would never want to repel anyone with my sometimes sarcastic nature or bold way of refuting the trinity or hell,the two lies I hate the most,so for the most part,I will stop.I've yet to experience one single person who was willing to reason or say "wow..that's a good point" unless they already believe like I do anyway.In the field ministry,which I have abandoned for years now as an inactive Jw,ppl were much more willing to reason and even study ,usually until someone's opposition would get to them.I can't even imagine being a trinitarian..I would have to scratch my head the whole time I prayed and redefine too many words and twist too many scriptures..it would be madness!I remember asking my pappaw who was a charismatic baptist preacher when I was a little girl why Jesus was God if he was God's son and he told me to just have faith.I remember showing him john 3:16 and saying something like "look Pappaw he sent his son and he says those not believing will die..will they die or will they burn forever?"..Even as a child,I understood these two simple truths and the way my pappaw would sweat and get all hyped up while he preached about hell etc..it scared me.I thought he would have a heart attack and I loved him more than anything.He was like a father to me.I still have and use his KJV that he left me..He had been friends with some Jehovah's witnesses who came and ate dinner with him and my mammaw on occasion and he loved JW's.I also discovered some very telling marks by pen in his bible.They were the ones about Jesus birth and the star leading the wise men(maybe he was contemplating the Christmas star and how it might not be a good thing?),Matthew 10:28 about the soul being destroyed along with the body,1 corinthians 14:27,28 about speaking in tongues,1 corinthians 15:27,28(which disproves the trinity),and rev 21 about the new heaven and the new earth.There were many more marked,but those are just a few..I basically think the JW's may have gotten to him,in a good way.There certainly was never a more selfless man..I remember one time he told me to open a drawer he had in his bedroom and it was full of dollar bills..there must've been AT least a hundred of them..he had been putting them in there when he had spare money just to one day see me smile about it.I wasted it all on babydolls and candy bars and Dr. Pepper and junk lol..Anyway,I pray for him a lot and hope to see him in the resurrection,him and my mammaw both,who was equally loving and selfless..Before she died,she and I used to joke about paradise and heaven.I told her she could watch me playing with polar bears and koalas and enjoying the beaches while she floated on a cloud in heaven.She admitted peace on earth would be wonderful but she said she was tired of toiling and didn't want to restore the earth or build houses lol...She did listen to the kingdom melodies cd that I gave her sometimes before she would go to sleep though..she liked the one about Ruth and Naomi.She used to ask me to sing it for her sometimes,which I'm sure she soon regretted as I am no Aguilera.Her favorite scripture was John 1:1 and she COULD NOT get past it.I'm not even sure she could've defined the trinity the right way to be honest..I mean who WOULDN'T be confused by such nonsense?

"I don't have three Gods just one!Three people who are each God but just one!"


And THE single MOST amazing thing..if you confess that Jesus is God's son and not God the son,in an orthodox Christian's mind,you will BURN baby BURN..and not just for a few minutes,or a few hours,or a few days,but FOR A LITERAL ETERNITY.Because apparently they think God is a maniac and the new heavens and new earth will definitely need a place of torment beneath em to keep em holy.As if someone who is voluntarily good can't be good without that kinda threat to their souls !SOOO frustrating.It blasphemes the holy and good name of God and it makes me angry.God is love.Those are three words that traditionalists need to meditate upon in a SERIOUS manner.Of course God has wrath for sin.Of course there can be no unholy unrepentant unloving rebellious sinner in the kingdom of God..that's why he will exterminate like pests any one like that.He doesn't wanna see it,much less hear it screaming for ever.

This is a schizophrenic sarcastic retarded "poem" I compiled and who knows who is speaking when..it's as confusing as revelation lol..if you aren't in the mood you may roll your eyes and close the page..anyways................
If he's one how is he three
If he's three how is he one
Stop lying mathematically
and redefining son
If he's greater how's he equal
If he's God,how'd he die?
If a movie has a sequel
does it come around the same time?
If he can't be likened to man how is he a man?
If he's omniscient how in the world can
he not know the day nor the revelation,in 1:1
If God can't have a father how is he a son?
If he's a spirit how is he still flesh?
And how he learned obedience is anyone's guess
Why did he have to be given everything?
God should not have to be given a thing!
Have you ever heard of anyone 200 percent?
Well now you have and don't ask why just have faith in it
When you hear "brought forth" "beginning" and "firstborn"
Be sure to redefine those simple little terms
Or else you'll burn forever with the simple little worms
Remember now that son doesn't mean what it always does
God is different you see and three it now means one
The holy spirit is conspicuously absent in all the visions of us
But don't ask anyone why..just walk by faith and trust.
God is "true God from true God" and it doesn't have to make sense
Later we'll add another and still say we're monotheists.
If there seems to be proof the trinity is bogus,remember the phrase "human nature"
and preach about hell and locusts and maybe noone will notice the paper
That the words "son and greater and dead and tempted and possessed" are written upon
Maybe distract a truth seeker with lies about hell and Jesus worship songs!
Heir,agent,and,again,son they don't mean a thing
Pay more attention to John 1:1 and stop it when you think!
And lest you start imagining that Jesus has a God more great
Turn right now and read on repeat John 20:28
And when Jesus is called God it means he is Jehovah see
And don't pretend there is such a thing as Hebrew law of agency.
When angels are called gods and kings are worshiped it has to be ignored!
Pretend it didn't happen and say Jesus has to be God!
And if a JW ever knocks on your door
they preach a different Jesus so their gospel is abhorred!
They say Jesus is God's own son
That he's king and messiah so you should run!

And if they tell you Jesus really died then they are lying for he is God!
if they tell you Jesus was really tempted they are lying for he is God!
If they tell you Jesus was REALLY a man on earth then they are lying for he is God!
Who cares what the bible says..texts can be twisted or blown off
Tradition and philosophy are the bee's knees
And Christmas is my favorite day,goodbye JW freaks!
Ya have so much to learn!
Don't ask me questions ya heretic.Burn baby burn!
I burned my Beduhn book I thought he was a scholar
If I ever see him around I'll choke him by the collar
He said the NWT was reliable and sound
What an idiot Satan wrote that book I've found
John 1:1 John 20:28 John 8:58..how many texts you willing to shun
To keep believing Jesus is the son of God and not God the son!!

haha,had to vent.I know it's muddled and childish but so am I sometimes ;-/.

I saw this as a comment on a youtube video..I don't know who made it..I forgot but I thought it was funny:

Jesus : My Father greater than i
Christians: Jesus and God are equal

Jesus : I can of myself do nothing
Christians : Jesus is as sovereign and as powerful as God

Jesus : I do not know of the Hour
Christians : Jesus is all knowing

Jesus : why do you call me good...?
Christians : Okay we will call you God then

Now I'll add a few of my own:
Jesus:Don't call me good.No one is good but one,God
Christians:Jesus is good therefore he has to be God.
Jesus:I have a God.
Christians:Jesus is that God he has.
Jesus:my will is different than God's on occasion
Christians:One person of a godhead had a different will than at least 1/3 of the godhead because he was 100 percent man as well remember..don't forget that that human limitation absolutely hindered that Almightiness on occasion.Cause remember if you are 100 percent God as well as 100 percent man,not only isn't it a fairy tale,but human natures can beat God natures sometimes apparently.It HAS to be that way to fit this pesky creed that spells out S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N.After all,they're all coequal. and consubstantial,which the bible is REAL clear about.
Jesus:I can do nothing of my own initiative but only what I behold my father doing.
Christians:hmm..he must be God.
Jews:he is making himself equal to God!
Christians:better believe those Jews!After all,they said he was demon possessed and breaking the sabbath so they're always right!
Thomas:My Lord and my God!
Christians:God's agents and representatives and mighty beings have NEVER been called gods or God so Jesus is Jehovah!

Peter:you are the Christ,son of the living God
Christians:he meant that Jesus was God ya see
Disciples:puzzled that Jesus could do what they thought only God could do
Christians:see...they knew he was God!
Kellie:Jesus died
trinitarian:umm..one of his two natures died,but he wasn't really dead
Kellie:Where's your atonement
trinitarian:Jesus died
trinitarian:he did but he didn't
Kellie:Oh I see...makes PERFECT sense.

more ranting :-/

Yep I've heard one too many times that the worship of Jesus proves he is God.

Imagine I'm a big boss of a big company.I hire someone first to come in and do everything for me with my direction and supervision of course.I'm behind the scenes as the person I hired first hires others and accomplishes assigned tasks by my standards and appointment.Do I ever stop being boss?Does the person I use become me?Do I stop the other employees from revering him the same they revere me?Do they stop revering me?Do they forget my name because he exists?Do I stop appreciating and needing them and wanting their appreciation and reverence.?Do I stop being the one with the rewards ,the paychecks,the power to fire and hire?If the first person I hired understood that I was the BEST BOSS IN THE WORLD and he ,in fact,was the best employee in the world,do you really think he would forget everything I have given him or give me credit for his promotions and abundance?Again,does he BECOME ME because he does the things I tell him to do and reflects my personality and ways of doing things because not only does he appreciate and love me,but he knows that I know best.And when he behaves as I tell him to behave and represents me somewhere as coming in my name,are those people he goes to on my behalf to assume he IS me?What if he says "She is greater than me!" would you still have the right to assume he is me and I am him?Would this hold up logically?Is it possible to have more than one boss?More than one head over you?
Who glorified Jesus?

Why in the world can't Jesus be Proskeneo'd alongside his father as appointed heavenly king if even earthly kings were proskeneo'd along with Jehovah in the OT as ones who Jah gave glory to and can't it be in reconizance of not only the ones glorified BY JAH but also to the one who glorified them?And isn't this in fact stated FOR US In the bible that all things are FOR God's glory,as the honoring of his most beloved son absolutely IS?If Jehovah gave Jesus his rightful inheritances and glory as a mighty celestial being exalted to his right hand to defeat armies of evil at Armageddon and usher in a new heavens and a new earth,then NO ONE should have a problem with honoring this rightful powerful king without this rightful powerful king becoming the one who gave him his rights and power just because they BOTH receive honor and proskeneo together..I mean,c'mon!this is something earthly flawed unholy kings appointed by Jah received so how much more the flawless extraordinary faithful and true Lamb?Get over your prejudices and inferences and assumptions.Your traditions and creeds and preachers.Your refusal to exegete passages around the truth that no one who is God's son and agent and representative and servant can be God.

And today I get an "F" in English for my run ons and grammatical issues.And an "F" in creative writing for an amateurish "poem".And an "F" from trinitarians in overall presentation.And an "F" from Athanasius for caring more about what Jesus said than his creed.And an "F" from those weeping and gnashing their teeth ,or assuming I will be soon.Shame on all of you who have exploited JW's for their Armageddonal depictions of destruction in the fear inspiring battle,when you think anyone who isn't a trinitarian will burn alive for an eternity.Hypocrite.


  1. Girl.... you crack me up!!!! I LOVE your love for Jah and for the TRUTH, sarcasm, and schizophrenia included. You bring a smile to my face :)

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    Your sister, Maribel :)

  2. Kellie! I want to just say hi and ask if wrote this post because of the irritating debate the three of us had with those Trini's! I wrote a post about it, too, and just want to thank you for the ideas you gave me. I chose the three topics mainly based on things Maribel and yourself said. I still have yet to thank her, too!

    Anyhow, I want to say that I am so happy to hear the you are trying to reactivate yourself in the Christian Congregation and that you have thrown yourself into it via the internet.

    I am very happy to have you as an e-blogger friend and hope that Maribel, yourself, and me can help each other in the future!

    Your brother in Jehovah and Christ,

  3. So we share this doctrine as well. Nice. I have one trinitarian that got so mad at me for not believing like him that he said, literally, "You're on your own." He still hasn't said boo to me since. Peace, Phil