Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How bringing our holy Lord's name into something THIS disgusting,repulsive and demonic is acceptable to so many who claim to be Christian is BEYOND ME.The times for such willful ignorance and trying to wrap disgusting things in pretty packages is OVER.Quit touching the unclean thing.Be no part of the world.You can't drink from the cup of Jehovah and the cup of demons.Satan keeps disguising himself as an angel of light and too many are buying it.Bringing Christ's name into this unabashed filth is UNACCEPTABLE imo.

Oh and another point,do you think there is a POSSIBILITY that Jehovah had to emphasize his being ONE because of the triune gods people worshipped all through history?Do you think it is POSSIBLE that he may,in fact,be one as opposed to triune,which means three?Unless you think God is deceptive(and he's not!),he is ,in fact,one,not three in one,because he never said he was three in one or even gave a hint that he might be!Let's face it..the bible is HUGE..certainly large enough for him to have somewhere stated his triunity if it were so because,again,he loves to be truthful and clear about who he is so that we may worship him in truth.He is love,after all.And those who say that the holy spirit reveals his triunity and not the bible so much(yes I've been told this) then how come Jehovah,through that SAME holy spirit, wouldn't reveal it in the bible?And if it was,there certainly would've been no need for a creed that redefined son of God into true God from true God.After all,that's two true Gods.And we know Jehovah is THE SOLE true God,for his son Jesus told us so.As if Jehovah hadn't already.One means one.Son means son.And the trinity is lie.

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